Universities in Lima, Peru

Directed to students pre-university and/or university in the races of medicine, dental medicine, biology and engineerings. The group barnard is dictated by educational withdrawn of cayetano.

Grupo Pre Universitario "Barnard"

Directed to students pre-university and/or university in the races of medicine, dental medicine, Biology and engineerings. The group barnard is dictated by educational withdrawn of cayetano heredia, unmsm, uni with but of 5 years of experience between doctors, engineers, biologists and but. Our mission: to be the best training group of all Lima in the area of sciences, medicine and More...
Jiron Chiclayo 261 Miraflores altura a 1 cdra del icpna - Lima - Peru

Pead Josè Carlos Mariàtregui

Pead Josè Carlos Mariàtregui  
Jr. Tarma 119 Oficina 904 - Lima - Peru

Institutes in Peru - amarillasperu.net
Educative tourist, civil aviation, hotel profession, national and international gastronomy....

Students Partners

Students Partners Company dedicated to Cultural exchanges.
- Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Universidad Peruana de Las Américas

Professional races of Engineering of Computation and Systems, Administration and international Management of Companies, Marketing and businesses, Administration of tourist services, Accounting and Finances.
Av.Garcilazo de La Vega 1880 - Lima - Peru


Red-Mundo Company expert training in distance learning through courses, diplomas and professional programs, leading to diplomas and certificates, effected by learning systems accessible, content and crafted with the highest quality standards for the various disciplines of business, governance, quality, tourist, commercial aviation, logistics, personnel development, communication, science, among others.
Av. Oscar Benavides 543, Dpto. C, Lima - Lima - Peru

Pre-university academies in Lima
We offer the best preparation to you for the Agrarian National University Molina (UNALM)...

Clases particulares en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Capacitacion sobre computación e informatica empresarial, motivacion empressarial....

Academia Aula 21

Pre-university preparation level.
Av. Circunvalacion 2643 - San Borja - Lima - Peru

Diplomados y Especialización SAC

Diplomados y Especialización SAC Opera in the performance of highly specialized programs in the fields of human medicine and teaching and private enterprise.
Jr. Huancayo 209 of 202 - Lima - Peru

Asesoría Matemática

Dedicated to teaching school and pre-univercitarios univercitarios.
Calle Dignidad - Villa María del Triunfo - Lima - Peru

Technological education in Lima - amarillasperu.net
Smaw, gmaw, gtaw, fcaw, etc are dictated to courses of electrical weld in processes, in the diverse positions. With digital machines to miller of completes...

Academies in Lima - amarillasperu.net
Spanish classes for foreigners, salsa and self defense all in manchester. ...

Asociacion Estudiantil Peruano Ucraniana Kharkov

It offers services from organization, transfer and lodging to the Peruvian students in Ukrainian universities. We count on the exclusive representation in the different universities from the Ukraine like: The national university of aviation, the technical university of kharkov, the national medicine university. Endorsed by academic of high level and trajectory in means. It as much offers academic programs that More...
manuela marticorena 181,pando - San Miguel - Lima - Peru

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