Colleges and schools in El Agustino (Lima, Peru)

Badges in plastic pvc card includes belt holder does not need badges for schools, colleges or companies.

Primary education in El Agustino -
Christian School to innovate and rescue values ...

Kindergartens in Lima -
Come to Play, is an entertainment center, early stimulation and pre-kindergartens for children up to 7 years. ...

Institutes in Lima -
Educative tourist, civil aviation, hotel profession, national and international gastronomy....

Creativity Art
I offer craft workshops for institutions, companies, groups and individuals clasea home. Techniques varied: - Fine Jewellery - Woven in rings - Elastic Combs -...

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Grupo de Estudios Matematico-Fisico

Calle 3-103 Urb. Los precurosres - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Colegio Alas Peruano Argentino

Jr. Tacna 665 - Magdalena del Mar - Lima - Peru

DPI Empresarial

Badges in plastic pvc card includes belt holder does not need badges for schools, colleges or companies.
- Lima - Peru

Colegio "Estella de Maria "

Insttitucion educational, personalized education for students with learning problems, maximum 10 students per class, psychological monitoring and therapy, conducted by psychologists, psychologists, therapists specialized.
Calle Don Felipe Mz A7 lote 15 Villa Mar los Cedros de Villa Chorrillos. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Milagro Espinoza Cardenas

I.E.P. Las Americas

Institution dedicated to the education of minors in the levels of primary initial and, with coarse experience in the heading, our pupils are the reflection of our category and efficiency.
Av. Las Americas 1324 Balconcillo - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Colegio Santa Maria de Surco

Admission 2011.Colegio surco.Educación leading santiago Initial - Primary-Secundaria.Contamos with quality educational methodology using ICT tools and highly qualified personnel.
Jose Galvez 371 Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

C.E.P Raymond Clark

Solid Christian formation. Initial, primary and secondary.
Av. Brasil 1864 - Lima - Peru

C.E.P Gasparín

Cradle, initial, primary and day-care center.
Av. El Carmen 587 San Roque - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru

Math Teacher

Math Teacher, The best teachers in your home, private classes in mathematics, personal attention, math tutors, trained counselors, discounts and more.
- Villa El Salvador - Lima - Peru

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